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Designed to optimize

administrative – front desk – clinical – revenue cycle management

Ophthalmology-Cloud, powered by WRS Health, is more than just an EHR & Practice Management software. Designed for those who specialize in eye and vision care, this all-in-one platform provides clinician-centered workflow solutions to continually improve and grow your practice.

improve practice efficiency

Transform Your Practice’s Workflow into a Seamless and Unified Process

  • Accurate Patient DataCapture real-time, accurate patient data
  • Optimize WorkflowsOptimize in-office and surgical workflows
  • Open New Revenue StreamsOpen new revenue steams


Data flows without interruption, without delay and without effort. Each component of our system is completely integrated, making it complete and holistic.

  • Visual Testing Device Integration: Autorefractor, Keratometer, and other ophthalmic imaging can easily be incorporated into your patients’ charts; supporting your diagnosis.
  • Customizable Scheduling Suite: Our scheduling suite allows practices to maximize availability while safeguarding physician's time. Easily customize your in-office and surgery appointments based on practice and provider’s preferences as well as track a patient throughout their ophthalmic visit from the waiting room to the exam room.
  • Patient Portal: Engage patients by collecting real-time, accurate data, through our integrated portal. Demographic, insurance, and medical information entered by patients prior to the encounter flows directly into the EHR, pre-populating fields throughout the system.
  • Telehealth: Directly connected to the Ophthalmology-cloud Scheduling System, our integrated functionality allows you to remotely do an anterior segment exam if your patient is unable to attend an in-office visit.
  • Reputation Management: Through automatic and integrated functionality that works directly with your provider’s schedule, your practice can proactively seek reviews from patients without increasing your workload or need for a 3rd party service.

Front Desk Bottleneck Disappears

Ensure proper data entry prior to a patient’s appointment or surgery

  • Safeguard Provider’s Time Safeguard Provider’s Time
  • Complete and Accurate Patient Data Complete and accurate patient data collection 
  • Reduce root cause of claim rejection Reduce root cause of claim rejection
  • Patient Satisfaction Foster a positive patient relationship


The performance of the front desk impacts all aspects of your practice, from revenue cycle, clinical encounters, schedule management, and patients’ perception of your practice. By capturing complete and accurate patient information prior to every encounter, you pave the way for success.

  • Automated Confirmation and Reminders: Our system automatically reminds patients of upcoming appointments, annual eye exams and surgical follow-ups via customized email, phone, or SMS messages, reducing the number of no shows to optimize your workflow and safeguarding your provider’s time.
  • Automatic & Instant Insurance Eligibility Checks: When you add a patient to your schedule, the billing workflow includes an automated eligibility check on your patient’s insurance to include co-pay, deductibles and out of network benefits. Fast and accurate real time data helps you get paid accurately for all services performed in the office or hospital.
  • Virtual Waiting Room: Give your Telehealth patients the same experience as your in-office patients. Directly from a customized email/SMS reminder, patients can securely self-check in prior to their scheduled appointment and access telehealth visits on a single platform.
  • Check-In Module: A great way to give new & established patients the flexibility and expedite your in-person or online check-in process. Patients can enter or correct any demographic and clinical information, including preferred pharmacy and ROS; as well as make any co-payments prior to the appointment.

Effortless Documentation

Promote efficiency, completeness, and consistency in charting

  • Eliminate manual data entry Eliminate manual data entry
  • Less time on paperwork Spend less time on paperwork 
  • Customized defaults for common notes Customize defaults for commonly written notes, panels and procedures
  • Reduce risk Reduce the risk of human error


Ophthalmology-Cloud learns the way you chart conditions like conjunctivitis and glaucoma and develops knowledge from all users on the platform. The system then stores your favorite and commonly used medications, diagnoses, and procedures, and presents them to you for easy selection.

  • Surgical Workflow: Ensure critical steps are addressed by helping you manage the process from preoperative to postoperative. Easily track the global period of a LASIK or PTK surgery so that payments for unrelated services during that time are not forfeited. Pre-authorized CPT codes, specific to Ophthalmology, are automatically queued for claim.
  • Quick Charting: Save time when it comes to completing routine eye exams, charting review of systems and diagraming various eye problems pertinent to any encounter. You can eliminate redundancy by tailoring SOAP notes to your preferences, and associating specific modifier codes for optimal coding.
  • Patient Education: Commonly used educational content are tied to diagnosis codes charted in your encounter note. With one click, you can automatically email your patient materials that are relevant to their condition.
  • Digital Pen: Automatically transmit information from pre-filled patient survey and clinical forms into the correct patient chart; eliminate repetitive manual entry for your staff and reduce the risk of human error.
  • Medication Management: All the information you need to write glasses and contact lens prescriptions in one place. You can also check drug formulary and possible interactions before electronically sending Rx to mail-order or retail pharmacies. Medication history confirmed at check-in by the patient automatically updates within the encounter note.


Eliminate Root Causes of Billing Errors

  • Timely payments Receive timely payments
  • Claim accuracy Ensure claim accuracy using our triple scrub process
  • Automate billing tasks Automate everyday billing tasks
  • Revenue performance Gain insights on revenue performance


Ophthalmology-Cloud’s EHR and Practice Management system is built on a single, integrated system. From check-in to check-out, data entered flows through each aspect of the ophthalmic visit, and populates the CMS 1500 form - automatically and accurately.

  • Automatic Population of Claim Form: Simply chart a routine eye exam, ocular trauma or other procedure and a claim form will automatically be populated from the encounter note. The advanced E&M advisor will ensure compliance and inform you of note elements necessary to code at the correct level.
  • Automatic Posting & Adjustment: Payment entries are posted and adjusted automatically, removing any delay. Electronic deposits and automatic payment are integrated within the system, for accurate auditing.
  • Claims Scrubbing: Easily prevent claim denials and guarantee payment for services rendered with integrated CCI and LDL edits, allowing you to catch billing problems before they happen.
  • Clearinghouse Rejection Dashboard: In the rare event that a claim is rejected, you are immediately presented with the clearinghouse or insurer’s reason for denial so that the rejected claim can be instantly corrected and resubmitted.
  • Customized In-Depth Reporting: You need real time information that is actionable. Ophthalmology-Cloud provides you with a suite of reports that are run automatically and at intervals set by you. These reports instantly present all the information that you and your billing staff require to expedite correct and complete payments from all insurers and patients.

“With Ophthalmology-Cloud the hassles of paper, chart-pulls, and lost charts are gone. My practice life is much easier now.”

RICHARD GORDON, MD – Ramapo Ophthalmology Associates

“I like the templates for procedures and operative things. There are several templates that work well for me. The whole note is useful. As far as templates, you can develop your standard protocol for follow-up post-operative visits.”